The Dulwich Books Team & What We Do

Dulwich Books was voted the UK’s best Independent Bookshop in May 2014 by the industry, of which we are immensely proud. Based in West Dulwich on Croxted Road, we have been here for 33 years, serving the community, book lovers and local schools.

Books are at the centre of our world and we have over 4,500 titles in stock for you to choose from. If you cannot find what you are looking for we can order it before 5pm from a range of over 650,000 and it will usually be ready for collection after noon the next day. Through an agreement with the major US book distributor, Ingrams, we can order any US in print title for you.

Visit the bookshop from Monday to Saturday between 9.30 & 5.30 or Sunday between 11am and 4pm for a browse, see what’s newly published, and be tempted by our recommendations.

We also stock greeting cards, gift stationery, magazines, literary journals and a range of educational games for children. We sell eBooks via our website and in store. If a book is out of print we are happy to order it for you, just ask.

We specialise in providing lots of recommendations and offer you an experience you will not receive from an online bookshop.

We run an extensive live programme, with events in the shop, in local venues and across London, including festivals, salons, book clubs, signings and launch parties.

We look forward to seeing you in the bookshop and in person.
 Susie Nicklin

Susie bought the shop in September 2015 after years of buying her books here. She Photo white shirt August 2015has worked in the publishing industry for 30 years, at The Bodley Head, as a translation rights director, as the Director of English PEN and as the Director of Literature at the British
Council. She is also a literary agent with a range of clients and combines her experience in all these fields, enjoying the regular contact with writers, customers and readers. She’s a socialist, feminist, parent, writer and specialises in translated fiction, non-fiction, poetry and periodicals/short form.


Wearing a Hat[1]Charlotte Colwill

Charlotte is our Bookshop Manager. She has been a bookseller for all of her working life (apart from a disastrous spell as a waitress, long ago.) Introducing people to fantastic books of all shapes and sizes is her raison d’etre. She reads as much as the waking hours will allow her to, and has a particular penchant for the historical and the macabre.


on a missionScott Linder

Happy to be part of the Dulwich Books family, Scott has sold books at independent bookshops in the States, Canada, and the UK. In no particular order, he likes to cook, garden, travel, write, and spoil his cat, a fifteen-year-old, long-haired calico named Cosi (after Cosimo de’ Medici). Cosi, alone, has called five cities home – Chicago, Atlanta, Toronto, New York, and London!


Harry Coath

high resHarry is our Events and Communications Manager. He reads a lot of non-fiction about politics and music. A recent graduate, Harry is a member of the Labour party and a keen painter. His favourite novel is Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky




  Sheila O’Reilly

Sheila was the owner of Dulwich Books until September 2015 and before that was the owner of the Beckenham Bookshop, just over the hill (n.b. – Beckenham and not Sheila (this joke comes from her husband Peter)). She is the quintessential independent bookseller. She steered Dulwich Books through its 30th anniversary, three years of being voted London’s Best Independent Bookshop AND being voted the Best Independent Bookshop in the UK & Ireland in 2014. She now works as a consultant, represents the shop on BA Council, plays a mean game of tennis and golf and regularly has the team in bits with her wicked sense of humour. Philip

Philip Maltman        

Do any of you really need introducing to Philip? Probably not, because he’s been here forever (he made jokes about his age, but I will refrain…) But let’s spend a moment anyway, contemplating the Godfather of Dulwich Bookselling. He went to art school, which we won’t dwell on, and these days only stops reading long enough to paint. And when he paints? It’s about books. (He only just realised that.) It is always worth stopping him in the shop to ask what he’s reading, he is constantly searching out the unique, surprising and wonderful. 


   Annie Horwood

Keep a beady eye open outside the shop and you might spot Annie either in the background of your TV in her role as an extra, or otherwise up to her elbows in the addictive smell and feel of secondhand books at a fair or bookstall. If you keep a beady eye open inside the shop, you’ll probably find her running our lovely children’s department and holding storytime, sharing the picture books she is so passionate about, so much so that she spends whatever is left of her spare time writing and illustrating her own.

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