Dulwich Dispatches

Dulwich Dispatches Logo Welcome to the Dulwich Dispatches! This service will allow us to put our bookselling skills to the test, finding you your next read every month. We will initially be offering sign ups for a single month’s subscription, and after that, you can sign up for months or more of carefully chosen books, sent right to your door.

We are very excited to be setting up a new avenue for recommending books to our customers. Walking into a bookshop and looking at the wall of new releases can be a bit daunting if you don’t know what you are looking for, and hunting for that perfect something can consume time that you might just not have right now. In which case, put us to work for you, we want to make your book buying as painless and fulfilling as possible!

It’s a pretty easy process, you sign up, select your package length and type, fill out a questionnaire (this can be done with a bookseller in store or over the phone, if you’d rather talk through it), and then you’re away. A parcel containing your book(s) will arrive at your house (or office!) once a month, containing things we have carefully chosen for you, based on your preferences.
And it doesn’t just have to be for you! You can buy this as a present, maybe to help you find a present for the reader in your life who is just too difficult to choose for. Or send a parcel to a grandchild, nephew, niece, or someone away at boarding school, we can send them a newly released book every month to keep them reading the latest, greatest, titles.

Sign up now for a package that suits you. Remember to get in touch if you want to customise your bundle and we can work out a price for you. (Please note, these prices include postage but only within the UK.)

  • Paperbacks (small standard size only)
        • 12 months £100          Buy Now Button
        • 6 months £55         Buy Now Button
  • Any paperback normal/trade size
        • 12 months £120      Buy Now Button
        • 6 months £65         Buy Now Button
  • Small format hardback
        • 12 months £150       Buy Now Button
        • 6 months £80         Buy Now Button
  • Any hardback size
        • 12 months £220           Buy Now Button
        • 6 months £115          Buy Now Button

Gift package for a child (gift wrapped with personalised note)

  • Children’s up to 7 years old
        • 3 months £20                 Buy Now Button
        • 6 months £35             Buy Now Button
        • 12 months £60     Buy Now Button
  • Children’s 9-16 years old
        • 3 months £30              Buy Now Button
        • 6 months £50         Buy Now Button
        • 12 months £90  Buy Now Button

Once you’d paid, we will be in touch with your questionnaire, to help us get started on choosing you some brilliant reads.

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